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Demolition Not Destruction

We're very aware of environmental concerns, based as we are near the M6 but in a rural location.

Demolition is a constructive task requiring care and experience, we'll even manage to keep fragile stained-glass windows intact. Tiles, timber beams, sills, stonework, and bricks, all are kept for re-use.

Anything that cannot be used is generally reserved for hardcore grade 6F2 material for bulk fill, or 6f5 single-sized stone material ideal for drainage fill or as a first layer of aggregate. Timber goes to a sawmill.

Sensitive landscaping, like banking, screening or tree planting, is essential to any project and we will be the first to advise the best solution. We also supply and prepare topsoil to the landscape and gardening trades.

  • Landscaping
  • Contaminated land removal and disposal
  • Supply of recycled aggregates and soils
  • Site remediation
  • Asset recovery and disposal
  • Removal and disposal of general waste
  • Asbestos management and removal
  • Waste management and recycling