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Clearing the Way for Your Project

Beneath every building earmarked for demolition or site awaiting clearance is a raft of regulations and permissions, which we handle from beginning to end.

James Berry oversees projects personally, from handling demolition notices, site, safety and volumetric surveys, and leading his team on site. We dismantle structures with plant and by hand, remove old foundations and trees (if necessary), and earmark materials for re-use or recycling. Most material that cannot be re-used is reserved for hardcore, grades 6F2 or 6F5.

Our staff are fully trained in the disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos, which we take off site. We'll advise on and carry out any infill technique, lay concrete, PVC and clay pipework, and install foundations from simple concrete footings to reinforced steel ground beams, piling and restabilisation.

We can also supply haulage on any plant and machines, sand and stone soils and putting clay for lining lakes. All of these can be provided in loads from 10 tons.

Groundwork & Demolition Services

  • Full site clearance and assessment, landscaping, recycling, disposal of contaminated material
  • Industrial dismantling and stripping out
  • Bulk excavation, trenching and earthworks
  • Foundations - simple strip, raft, reinforced ground/piled beam, split level
  • All drainage and sewer works/pipes/connections, private and commercial
  • Haulage and supply of hardcore, aggregate, topsoil
  • Road surfacing and hard standings
  • Plant hire with operator with day rates optional
  • Fully accredited workforce